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Captain Blood

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Development and Public Finance

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Language- English
Binding- Hardcover
Publisher- SAGE Publications India Pvt Ltd
Genre- Business & Economics
Pages- 368

About the Book
Captain Blood - By Rafael Sabatini - Captain Blood His Odyssey - Captain Blood: His Odyssey is an adventure novel by Rafael Sabatini, originally published in 1922. Sabatini was a proponent of basing historical fiction as closely as possible on history, and so while Blood is a fictional character, much of the historical background of the novel is based on fact. The Monmouth rebels were sold into slavery as described in the book; and the shifting political alliances of the Glorious Revolution of 1688 are used in the novel as a plot device to allow Blood's return to respectability. Satin based the first part of the story of Blood on Henry Pitman, a surgeon who tended the wounded Monmouth rebels and was sentenced to death by Jeffries, but his sentence was commuted to transportation to Barbados where he escaped and was captured by pirates. However, unlike the fictional Blood, Pittman did not join them, and eventually made his way back to England where he wrote a popular account of his adventures. Instead, for Blood's life as a buccaneer, Sabatini used several models, including Henry Morgan and the work of Alexandre Exquemelin, for historical details. Sabatini first introduced the character Captain Blood in a series of eight short stories in Premier Magazine as Tales of the Brethren of the Main, published from December 1920 to March 1921, and reprinted in Adventure Magazine from January to May 1921, with a novella "Captain Blood's Dilemma", published in Premier Magazine in April 1921 (and Adventure Magazine in October 1921). The Odyssey-like story arc of these tales was then woven by Sabatini into a continuous narrative in novel form, published as Captain Blood: His Odyssey in 1922.

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